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  • “ Так же, как Российская империя интергировала в себя польские награды после образования Царства Польского, точно так же, после победы над совком, надо оставить у нас совковые награды. Скажем, после низшего русского ордена Станислава IV степени будет идти “Герой РФ”, потом “Орден Ленина” и т.д. И ими награждать, в основном, азиатов. Родился калмык, а ему уже в люльку погремушку: “Орден Трудового Красного знамени”. Пусть играется. ”

    — Галковский 98г


    'He who is not with us is against us!'.
    Text on the pot reads 'Communism'.

    An anti-communist thieves’ tattoo known variously as ‘Satan’s Kitchen’, ‘The people and the party are one’, ‘The leaders of October’, ‘The bright future’, and ‘The Marxists’. It was made in Strict Regime Collective Labour Colony No. 9. The sight of it in the bathhouse used to make all the convicts laugh. Its owner, nicknamed ‘Bob’, said it was made following his first conviction by a friend who had studied at the Serov Art College in the Smolninsky District of Leningrad. When Bob was told by the authorities that this ‘filth’ should be surgically removed, he threatened to hang himself.

    (via ray-saint)


    Text above tattoo reads ‘Marxist vampire’.
    Text on the club reads ‘Communism’.
    Text on the beast’s body reads 'KGB' [Committee of State Security], 'CPSU' [Communist Party of the Soviet Union], 'MVD' [Ministry Security], 'VLKSM' [All-Union Leninist Communist Union of Youth]

    This anti-Soviet caricature tattoo, worn by convicts who are inveterate violators of the regime of detention, was widespread in the 1960s and 1970s.

    (via mars-fm13)

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